What Is Google Sphere?.

Friends until now you must have understood what Google Gravity is all about in my previous article. Now let’s explore the next great trick in google, and that trick is called as Google Sphere.


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Google Sphere

Google Sphere is a trick with the help of which you can make all the components of Google HomePage move rotationally or is in a circular direction. All The Components of Homepage including Logo, Search Bar, Links etc can be moved like a Sphere and hence the name Google Sphere.

It creates an impression as if your Google home page is hacked or as if there is something wrong with your Google HomePage

Google Gravity Sphere Or Google Sphere:

Steps To Make This Trick Work:

1) Open Googe HomePage by visiting www.google.com

2) Next type Google Sphere in the search box as you normally do while making a search.

3)Now instead of pressing Search Press” I am Feeling Lucky” Button and you will be directly taken to this tricks page.

How Can We Make A Search While Using This Trick?:

The answer is simple ,all you have to do is to type a keyword or phrase that you want to search into the moving Search Bar and the results for that search will be shown as they are shown to you regularly or normally.

You can also try this trick visiting this link:HERE

So friends try this tricks if you are bored with Googling normally.

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