What Is Google Gravity?


Let’s Make Google Fall: Google Gravity.

Video Courtesy: Ashok Bagwan(Youtube)

 [A]re You Tired Of Seeing The Same Home Page Of Google, And Want Some Change Or Want To Have Some Fun With The Search Engine Giant?

If Your Answer Is Yes Then You Are At The Correct Place On The Web.
You Might Not Be Aware That A Programmer named Mr. Doob Has Developed Or Coded A Script With The Name Of Google Gravity. With This Code, You Have A Chance To Play With Google Home Page.

So What Is Google Gravity?

Google Gravity is a small program developed that makes every component of Google Homepage fall down to the bottom of the screen as the name gravity implies, and you can move them anywhere moving your mouse.

Let us See How We Can Make Google Gravity Fun

1)First, you have to open Google Chrome Browser and then type https://www.google.com, This trick works only on Google Chrome and not on Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Chromium, UC Browser, Or Internet Explorer.

2)Now Type Google Gravity in the  search box and click I’m Feeling Lucky beside of Google Search Button

3)Now A Google HomePage Opens and all the components of Homepage start to fall down as if they are falling with gravity as per its name.

4)The components like the search box, text, images can be easily moved by moving the cursor of the mouse on the screen.

Other Option:

Another way to explore this trick is by directly visiting this link.

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How Can We Make A Search Now?

To Make A Search Just Type the Phrase The word you want to search in the fallen search box component and you will be shown the result.

Other Google Tricks Include

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4)Google Guitar
5)Do a Barrel Roll
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8)Google Tilt
9)Zerg Rush
10)Google Space
11)Google Snake Game
12 )Google Pacman
13)Google Terminal
14)Easter Egg Trick
15)Chuck Norris Google Trick
16)Google Bing Mirror
17)Find Your IP Location
18) Weenie Google
19)Google Loco
20)I am Feeling Lucky

We, Will, Continue To Talk About Above Tricks On The Next Pages  Of Our Site.

Attempting to use Google Gravity on an outdated browser or on a slow computer may result in your browser freezing or crashing

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