Using Google Chrome Remote Desktop.

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Google Chrome Remote Desktop.

[S]o Google’s actually had this feature for a little while which is chrome remote desktop, but I was always unsure about the product and I wasn’t sure if Google’s gonna keep it or kill it

Well, it turns out they’re not just gonna keep it, they made it better and did some enhancements and kind of relaunched it.

So if you go to “remote desktop” in it has an official site. It’s not just a plug-in from the store that like I said I was never really sure about how good it was and I did some testing with it a while ago and it worked well now that they’ve brought it to the primetime it works really well.

Chrome Remote Desktop Login:

So we’re here at remote desktop/ Log In to Your Google account which is, of course, the first thing you make sure, you’re actually not just logging a Google account you set up, here you actually have to be logged in to Chrome for this to work.

google chrome remote desktop

So now I am going to show you the remote access side and how to set it up. 

On the computer that you want to have remote access we now go to set up remote access, we go to download here, accept and install you can do it all from here you say yes.

We are going to set a pin all right and hit start agree, now it actually installs us as a service soon even if I reboot or close Chrome.

And now you can remotely access machines, Now we can go ahead and take control of other machines now, it asks for the pin that we entered, you have to remember the pin every time now, it actually works inside the browser,

You can also do this from Linux. So now you can leave your Windows machine running and this supports Linux as well as is the host and guess so it works both ways and it works on Chromebooks which is also very interesting as well,

So if you have a Windows box but you want to access them from your Chromebook you can do and follow the steps I just showed so this is a really neat utility for being able to have free remote desktop and it’s hosted through Google it’s is secure as your Google account. I don’t know how well-vetted the protocol is I can’t speak about that but Google has a pretty good track history of doing things in a very secure way.

Now the other service that’s offered on here, we’re gonna go and just get this out of the way and open up chrome again and it will fail if you try to connect to yourself.

In case you’re wondering but you can also get support, so to let someone else access this computer, you can generate a code and if you click, it’ll copy that code and now all’s I have to do is put in that code they gave and you can connect to it and it works the same way so if you want to give someone temporary support . You can actually go there get the code, send them the code they go to remote desktop and they would be able to access your computer.

I’m hoping scammers don’t start using this because it’s another free support tool out there and they might claim they’re from Google but I tell you what this is a slick system for being able to remote control for free and go in here,

Google Chrome Remote Desktop

So let’s go try something else real quick and show you at least one more thing now if you. If someone took control outside of the screen edge we guys can see and you have this right here that stop sharing so you know when someone’s controlling your computer because you get this here so that is one nice thing about it is if someone was able to get into your account and did take control and you go I want that person off I will do it so I actually show you what happens when you click to stop sharing so here’s that window over here we’re going to click it over here and we’re gonna say stop sharing it just drops you right back to the screen when you do that so and it says your Chrome has been done reconnect and we can just click it and reconnect if we want so my final thoughts on the chrome remote desktop or Google remote desktop is they do offer an Android app which is slick because now

You can do this from your phone or Android device I’ve tested it it works fine I don’t own an iPhone but I was told it works on the iPhone as well.

They have an app for it there so you can I have someone connect their desktop or laptop computer via this and control it from the logged-in iPhone and to get started with this like I said it’s as simple as remote desktop it seems to work really well you if you want to use this for remote accessing your devices when you’re away from them if you have a home computer or if your work allows it a work computer and you say I want to be able to remotely access that computer really anywhere like it says here it’s a really nice tool and we were really impressed with it I mean it didn’t really have any issues with it and seemed to work quite well no real disruption so we actually tested it before doing it at our houses and it seems as long as you have a reasonably fast connection.

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