How To Play Google Snake Game?.

google snake game,classic snake game


[F]riends Google Snake Game Was Primarily Focussed And Developed As A Prank For April Fool Day Of April 2019.

Later Google Added This Classic Game To Google Maps Navigation Through App.

On Which Operating Systems Of Mobile Was Google Snake Game Available?

It was available on iOS For Apple Users And Also On Android Devices For Android Users

google snake game,classic snake game

Steps To Play Google Snake Game In Google Maps:
1)Download Latest Version Of Google Maps From Latest Version Of Playstore Or App Store.
2)Sign In With Your Gmail Account To Login To Google Maps.
3)Now You Are Ready To Play The Game Of Google Snakes
4)The Game Is Available Under Menu Button Of Upper Left Corner
5)Users Can Choose Destinations To Play All Over The Entire World.
6)The Goal Of Game Is To Pick As Many Passengers As Possible Without Running Off The Map and Without Coliiding WIth Their Own Train.


So Friends Enjoy Google Snake Game.
Also, Visit Google Drive Or Gdrive.



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