OK, Google Open YouTube.

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Before we start with our main topic that is, What happens if you say “ Ok Google Open My YouTube” Let’s Discuss something about “ Google Assistant” which will help you to understand our topic better.

What is Google Assistant?

Google Assistant is Google’s voice assistant.

Google Assistant gives you voice commands, voice searching, and voice-activated device control to accomplish many tasks after you say the words “OK Google” or “Hey, Google“. It is designed to give you a conversational conversation.

So If You Say Following Words Or Give The Below Command To Google It Will Open The Youtube For You on your mobile, tablet or desktop.

  1. ok google youtube,
  2. ok google open youtube,
  3. ok google go to youtube,
  4. ok google play youtube,
  5. ok google youtube go,
  6. ok google download youtube,
  7. ok google give me youtube,
  8. ok google ok google youtube,
  9. ok google youtube open,
  10. ok google youtube open,
  11. ok google show me youtube,
  12. ok google find youtube,
  13. ok google on youtube,
  14. ok google youtube kids,
  15. ok google youtube on,
  16. ok google Jesus songs,
  17. ok google kids youtube,

It Will Open Kids Channel,Play Songs On Youtube of Jesus,Brain Adams etc whatever command you give.Not Only Opening Youtube, Google Voice Assistant Can Also Help You In

  1. Giving Reminder,
  2. Telling Weather Forecast,
  3. Give Directions,
  4. Change Your Device Settings,
  5. Tell Facts,
  6. Give Quick Answers,
  7. Calendar,
  8. Alarms etc.

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