Lets Explore Google Sky.

Google Sky

[W]elcome to another chapter of Google features, hope you have liked the previous post on Google Pacman. In this chapter, we are going to discuss another feature of Google that is Google Sky so let’s move on. 

Google Earth allowed us to explore the earth from the comfort of our home, Now  Google Sky has made it possible to explore the space from the comfort of our home. This new feature of Google Sky is going to be very helpful for astronomers and school students as they can get the view of stars , planets and the universe on their mobile or a desktop.

You can explore this feature at www://earth.google.com.

Though there are some bugs in the system the developers are sure that they will soon remove them. 

Not all the stars are searchable but the most famous can be easily found out carrying out the search. 

The term Star Search will show you some astronomical features about stars and link you to stories about them.

Google Sky

How is the map of Google Sky derived?

The main map of Google Sky is derived from versions of surveys carried out at Palomar Institute of Northern hemisphere And Anglo Australian Institute of Southern hemisphere. It’s also enhanced by images from the Hubble Space Telescope in both hemispheres.

How To Access The Feature Of Google SKy;

Google Sky Can Be Accessed From Google Earth Through Website. To see Google Sky, click “Switch to Sky” from the “view” drop-down menu in Google Earth, or click the Sky button on the Google Earth toolbar

How do I use Google Sky? To use Google Sky Maps, go to www.google.com/sky.

  1. Search the sky. To search for celestial objects and locations, enter a search term and click Search. …
  2. Move through the sky. There are two ways to change your view of the sky. …
  3. See different views. …
  4. See collections of imagery. …

Is Google Sky available for iPhone?

This app works like Google sky maps for iPhone user. All you need to do is to launch the app and point your iPhone at the night sky, you’ll see the stars, planets, satellites, and constellations in their proper place from your location. As you move your device, the star map updates in real-time

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