How To Use Google Find My Device.?


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First Lets See What Is Google’s Find My Device?


Find My Device is an application and service provided by Google to remotely trace and locate phones, tablets and watches using a Google map.


What Are The Features Of Google Find My Devices? :


Google Find My Devices uses the map to locate the device and if the location of the device is not available, it will show where the Android device was previously located. This allows users to remotely search any Android device connected to their Google account.

If you check your phone, tablet, or watch – if the current location is not available, users will be able to see the last known location for a long time that the device was on a map.


Use indoor maps – When the device is lost in places such as airports, shopping centres, or other large buildings, this feature helps users locate a lost device using a building map.

Navigate the user’s device with Google Maps – users can tap on the device location and then the Maps icon.


Play a sound – This device plays the entire volume of the device, even if the device is set to silent or does not disturb the mode.


Secure Device – This allows users to remotely lock their devices and the user is also able to send messages to lost devices and provide cell phone numbers that can be contacted regarding the device owner.


Erase – This allows users to delete all content in their lost devices. The device cannot be re-located after all content is erased from the device


What Are The Requirements To Use Google Find My Devices?

The Only Requirement is That the device’s location must be enabled, if the device’s location setting is off, the device will only play a sound or send a message and cannot identify the location of the device. Also, Cell phone and tablet devices must be connected to the Internet using WiFi or SIM cards Internet access to locate the device.

How do I see which devices are connected to my Google account?

You Can View devices that use your Google account.

You can view computers, phones and other devices that are currently in use or have recently used your Google account. You can check the information whether one else has signed in to your account.

Tip: You can see the tools that have used your account at

To Review the devices where you are signed in

Go to your Google account.

On the left navigation panel, select Security.

On your device panel, choose Manage Devices.

You will see the devices where you are currently signed in to your Google Account. 


How do I manage my devices on Google?

You Can Manage Your Devices from Android Device by following the step shown below.

As an administrator of your organization, you can use the Google Administration App to manage your users’ devices directly from your Android device.


How do I delete devices from my Google account?

To delete the devices from your Google account you can visit the Devices Activity page to check on recent devices used to access your account and remove them. The Device Activity page lists all devices with access to your account within the last 28 days. Locate and expand the tool by clicking on it and click the red Remove button to remove that device. But, you will need to keep in mind that the device will be listed there for a period of 28 days from the last sync date.


How do I get Google to recognize my new phone?

Connect the device to your Google account.

If your phone or tablet is not visible when you select “Send to your phone”, you may need to connect your device to your Google account.

Make sure you are using the latest Google Maps application version.

Just Sign in to the same Google account on your computer and mobile device.

Turn On Maps Notifications And You Will Find Your Device In Google.


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