How Does Google Voice Work?


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In the world of cloud-based phone systems, Google Voice is one of the best. It offers services, affordable pricing and an opportunity for you to take your home or office phone with you. Actually, Google Voice may not be the best option for your mobile device, but if you are someone who is looking for a cheap way to get a business phone or you just want the option of your home phone, So Google Voice is a great way. Learn about it.

What is Google Voice?

Google Voice Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a voice over phone service that was established in 2009. You can use the service to make and receive phone calls, as well as send text messages. You can also use it for forwarding calls from one number to another so that you can easily manage all your communications from the phone.
Since Google Voice is a VoIP service, it works entirely on the Internet. But it also means that wherever you have an internet connection, you can access the service and make calls, send text messages, and more. The best thing is that you only need a microphone and speaker to use Google Voice, so whether you decide to make and place calls on your laptop or your smartphone, it won’t work properly.
Think of Google Voice as a phone that you can take anywhere and use on any device.

How Much Does Google Voice Cost?

One great thing about Google Voice is that it is extremely affordable. Signing up for this is a free service, and as long as you use it your Google Voice number and the other U.S. To communicate between numbers, it is completely free to make calls and send text messages.
When you want to call abroad, you will need to add credit to your account to pay for the service. In most cases, however, the fees are minimal and only one pair per minute.
Here is a handy tool on Google’s call rates. You can input the country you plan to contact and see costs with.


How Does Google Voice Work?

Google Voice is surprisingly simple, find out how it works and how you can set it up.
This service works over a broadband connection, so it works fine as long as you are connected to your home or office network.
When you sign up for the first time, you have the option to use your own phone number which you can port to the service or receive your own. If you choose the latter, you will have to input your area code and choose the phone number of choice. If you care about the digits of the phone number (eg if you are a business and want to get a vanity number that people can dial in), you can input your desired digits and see that Are they available
Once you have your phone number (it happens immediately), you can create your voicemail message. You can then start calling from your phone or your computer. You can also use the service to send and receive text messages.
When you receive voicemail in Google Voice, you will be able to access it in the app and send a copy (and recording) to your e-mail.
When you receive a call, especially if your Google voice is forwarded to your cell phone, you will hear an alert that someone is calling a Google voice number. Then you will have the option to reply or not. And if you decide to call back, you can decide to show your Google Voice number on the caller ID of the person instead of the number on your iPhone or Android device.
And if you want your number ring for many devices, that’s completely fine. This works especially in corporate settings, where many people may want to respond to the company’s line.

Can I Use Google Voice On The iPhone?

As discussed, Google Voice works fine on Android and the web, but you may be wondering if it will work on the iPhone as well. Fortunately, Google offers a free app in the App Store that allows you to play Google Voice on the iPhone (or iPad or iPod Touch). From the app, you can listen to voicemail, make calls and send text messages, like you can in an Android app or browser.

How Do I Set Up Google Voice?

If you want to set up Google Voice for the first time, you will be happy to know that the process is quite simple. Here is a rundown:

1. Go to, click the Google Voice button, and sign in to your Google account.
2. You can sign up on your iPhone or Android device, but for the purposes of this walkthrough, choose the option of web sign-up.
3. Once you accept the terms and service, click Continue to go to the page where you can find or select the phone number.
4. In the list of options, choose when you have found your winner and proceed to verify your current number.

5. As soon as you click on the Verify button and input your phone number, Google will write you a code, which you need to input into Google Voice. Get that code and input it here. Click on Verify.

6. Once your phone number is verified, Google will have to officially tap the claim to take control of the number. Do this and you will all be set.

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