Have Some Fun Playing Google Mirror.

Google Mirror(elgooG.im) Is An Exact Replica Of Google Search In A Mirrored Position And Hence Can Be Called As Google Mirror.

It Was Created By “All Too Flat”  For Fun, Which Started To Gain Popularity In 2002 After Google Was Banned In China In 2002.

The Developer Of This Site Said That Other Than Fun, The Google Mirror Site Also Helps In Developing The Ability To Read In Reverse Way, Such As In The Case Of Reading The Letter of an Ambulance.

Google Mirror Is Free To Use And There Is Donation Option Available If You Wish To Donate. Google Mirror (elgooG.im) is not affiliated with Google In Any Way.

How To Make A Search In Google Mirror (elgooG.im)?.

To Make A Search In Google Mirror (elgooG.im) You Have To Make A Search In The Website In Reverse Direction For Eg To Search “yahoo mail” you have to type “liam oohay”.

Which Is The Website To Access This Fun Of Google Mirror?.

The Website Name To Access This Fun Is www.elgooG.im or Just Click HERE.
Also, We Can Use Different Languages Like Korean, Japanese, Chinese To Make A Search.

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