Google URL Shortener Is Gone Now.

[G]oogle’s spring-cleaning decided to get rid of the Google URL Shortener. Google always seems to clean up and delete apps on a whim.

google url shortener

I’m not sure if they have a dartboard in the office and whatever gets hit gets nixed or what. However, March 30th 2019 marked the end of the Google URL Shortener. I personally loved using the Google URL Shortener whenever I had long URLs that needed to be shortened to be within the optimized YouTube description box. They would make a nice attractive google URL shortener link link and would track how many clicks the shorten link received. It was also a free app which is always nice when free works well. Google reported that all links will still be active however you won’t be able to make new links or track their clicks.

Now the next best option is to use Bitly. Here you can also create shortened URLs for free and track them however for more customization of links, and longer view of analytics you’ll have to pay for an account.

google url shortener

So how do you feel about the Google URL Shortner being gone and how often do you have to shortener your URLs? .Share in the comments below and until next week, stay engaging!


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