Google Pixel Versus iPhone.

I’ve been using Google Pixel and iPhone for quite some time now and I want to share with you basically my feelings how they’ve been working, what I think about them as an experienced user of both of them. And I also Hope You Must Have Liked Our Previous Post.

So let’s begin with the first section that’s how do they feel in the hand?

Now we got the iPhone 10 here we have the iPhone 8 plus in red we also have the pixel 2, XL panda edition so we’re gonna talk about the plus series and the bigger version and then the smaller pixel too right, here now, of course, these have glass these don’t have wireless charging on the pixel 2 but you do have wireless charging on an iPhone 10 and that has mattered to me.

Google Pixel

But how they feel on the day to day is, well the iPhone 10 definitely feels like the thousand dollar phone here premium stainless steel around the edges glass on the rear and the front, I don’t really like the camera hump but definitely this phone feels more premium on the day-to-day. However, what I do like to mention about the pixel and my experience using this thing and the pixel is that they feel more practical they feel more functional on day-to-day.

 So if you want to use a phone and you don’t want to worry about it’s cracking and dropping, and maybe you want hold up a little bit better to everyday use without having to have a case on it, you could probably rock these without a case. just put a good screen protector and you should be good with the pixel. You might like these phones so these are more functional to me more practical for work use in the day-to-day whereas the iPhones are more pretty, they’re more you know they’re gonna feel better when it comes to that premium feel however they feel fragile and you almost always have to rock them in a case which is kind of sad.

Considering that you want to see that iPhone 10, you’re basically choosing here between you know glass design or practicality premium or functional here, but I definitely think the iPhones look better but really who really looks at people’s phones these days there are so many phones out there I don’t think most people care what phone you’re rocking these days, but if you care about the looks of your phone, in general, I think you might like the iPhone more, but if you like functionality practicality you don’t care so much about looks, if you want it to be functional you don’t want to worry about putting in a case or it dropping here is where the pixel series should shine over the iPhone series so that’s how they feel in the hand.

And my honest feelings now talking about display quality, it was nice at Apple put an LED display on the iPhone 10 and this thing is beautiful it’s very well-calibrated. I think that it has really good sharpness and it’s just a really nice display here you know some people don’t like the notch I don’t like it too much either but if we get rid of the notch we just look at the display itself it’s a really beautiful display here in the iPhone 10 very well calibrated and it’s got very punchy colours so I really enjoyed that and I think you will too.Now on the iPhone 8 plus probably the worst here on the table I feel like now. I know I’m gonna get some slack for that you know it’s a really good LCD but it’s LCD. I like LED personally over LCD, LCD is an older technology it’s a cheaper display quality and it just doesn’t look as good when it comes to the colours. However, you know if you have an issue with PWM which is the post with modulation it basically means the display flickers this might be easier to read in certain conditions at nighttime if your eyes are used to a classic liquid crystal display. Now going over into the pixel series over here the pixel has received a lot of heat for its you know less than stellar LED display and it’s well deserved because it isn’t definitely looking anywhere near as good as the Samsung display but ever since Google has put in the colours mode the saturated part now it’s definitely maybe comparable to a Samsung of yesteryear probably not the latest Samsung but it’s still good enough for this new saturated mode and that blue tint a lot of people I think over blue that blue tinting you only see it when you’re actually who really looks at their phone on an angle like are you doing it are you doing that every day. I don’t think so, so the Pixel 2x out to me has a better display than the iPhone 8 which some people disagree with me but you know. I just think that an LED, in general, is better than an LCD display. Now the pixel – the small one over here also I think has a better display than the iPhone 8 + or 8 those you know LCD panels from Apple this is more of a Samsung you know display here on the Pixel to XR the smaller one and it’s not you know that much different than an iPhone 10 regardless of the fact that the iPhone 10 has a notch but it is a little bit less good calibrated and it’s not quite as I would say sharp here because the iPhone 10 has a more sharp display than the pixel – so this is like a slightly worse display than the iPhone 10 but it’s still better than the Pixel 2xl so the small pixel has a pretty good display inky blacks and to me it’s better than the 8 series of device so when it comes to display do you want popping colors or if you put it in the natural settings both of these don’t really pop that much then you’re gonna want the pixel 2 if you like a well calibrated display a beautifully calibrated display and I would say probably a little bit easier on the eyes you might like the iPhone 8 plus if you really like probably one of the top displays you can get on any phone and kind of gives you a lot of attributes it gives you punchy colors it gives you true tone natural colour and a really sharp resolution you’re gonna love the iPhone 10 one thing I don’t like about the iPhone 10 display though is even though it’s a beautiful display it’s quite small and a lot of applications still are not updated to fit here in the

iPhone 10 now this is gonna change soon as Apple’s gonna require it as their new phones are gonna be bringing the notch but even here I one of my favourite apps news aggregator Appy geek this  application right here is still small so a lot of text looks tiny on the iPhone 10 even though you have that beautiful display that’s not the case on the Pixel 2xl it’s not even the case on the iPhone 8 plus but both the iPhone 10 and the Pixel to the small one these do look  tiny in the display so overall that’s how I feel about these displays.

Now getting into software this is iOS vs.Android we’re not gonna go on a bunch about the software you know what you’re getting here it’s gonna come down to personal preference when it comes to this ,this is running latest iOS 11.3.1 it’s going 11.4 very shortly,here and we should be getting 12 by the end of this month which I will cover later and the pixel2 runs the Google software now what I’ve noticed on day-to-day is that you know customization of course always goes to Android that’s a win for iOS I really enjoyed the whole like just using it personally like for iMessage and you know just a simple UI so for personal use I found the iPhone to be the better experience for work in practical use like when I just want to do you know working stuff. I go to the Pixel because I use a lot of Google services but that’s me you might be different if you use a lot of Apple services like Apple notes photos and you only use Apple services to get your work done then the Pixel 2XL is gonna be probably not for you but a lot of people do use Google services and that’s why there’s a ton of Google apps available on the iPhone but let me tell you none of them works as well as they do on Pixel and that makes sense because why would Google make apps to work even better on a phone it’s not even there so if you like the Google apps you’re gonna love the Pixel 2 series if you do love you know using Apple apps you’re gonna love the iPhone series so it comes down to personal preference for me the software is pretty much a tie it just comes down to just that are you invested in Apple ecosystem or the Google ecosystem for me though I think for work purposes more people are using Google’s apps because a lot of them are free the Pixel tool is a better phone to me now for personal use you know keeping in touch with your family you know simple UI . I still think the iPhone is the win here.

In terms of stability, I found the pixel to excel to be a little bit more stable than iOS 11, it hasn’t crashed nearly as much, as a matter of fact, I haven’t had any crashes on this phone at all since I’ve purchased it and ever restarted or anything like that so great phone here in Pixel2XL when it comes to stability .

Google Pixel vs iPhone camera.

Now getting onto their cameras, all of these phones have fantastic cameras dual camera on the back of the iPhone 10 gives you a telephoto lens lets you go to X on that camera and let me tell you the shots that you get on any of these phones are just going to be fantastic no matter what you’re shooting it’s just going to be a great experience altogether because they all shoot they can rival some point-and-shoot cameras of yesteryear and most of the point-and-shoot cameras you can buy now are not that much better around the $400 price point you really have to go up to something like an RX 100 which is like $1000 to get a better photo than these two but I think the Pixel 2XL is still better than the iPhones here when it comes to you the photos because of its HDR processing it does a better job with the shadows and you know not overexposing things it’s just a little bit of a smarter camera and it does do the portrait mode just like the iPhone 10. When it comes to just having a single lens it can still do portrait mode on the rear so you can go over here and just hit this little hamburger menu and you have portrait mode right there you have a are stickers the iPhone 10 software. I still like a lot I think it’s very simple but you can argue that the pics of two software is super simple as well so if I had to pick one for the camera it’s definitely going to be either the Pixel 2 or the Pixel2 XL. I think the iPhones are pretty great cameras for a phone they have a great video but I think video and photo still look better on these devices. The stabilization is the reason I gave the video to the pixel 2 Series. Now if you want that 4k 60 which is not necessary at this point most people are not uploading in 4k 6.4 K 60 is a new thing then you might want the iPhones but that’s something that is not necessary a lot of videos are still shot in 1080 most people upload in 1080 including me here in 1080 and nobody really complains about that so 4k 60 is a luxury feature is it needed potentially not it’s up to you but if I was going for just camera alone the pixel 2 XL series and the pixel 2 are the better cameras here. They’re the easier point-and-shoot cameras of the 2, and the settings aren’t buried like they are on the iPhone in the settings menu so for camera.

I’m going with the Pixel to get on to the battery life between iPhone and Pixel, so how I feel about these things now battery life on the iPhone 10 has gotten so good over the usage it’s really good you know at first it wasn’t great but it’s gotten better and the battery life easily gets me through a date with the iPhone 10 now Pixel2XL is no chump either this one can get through the day as well quite easily I do think that the iPhone if you do throw it on a fast charger like an eye had charger does charge fast but depicts it to excel with its rapid charging charges even faster so battery life to me is pretty much a draw it just depends on you know how you use your phone I think that iPhone might be slightly worse if you’re actually using it a lot throughout the day a lot of the apps seem to drain a little bit more battery than the pixel to excel but if you’re using Google Apps on the Pixel2XL they’re not gonna drain that much battery at all so it comes to those third-party apps or I really see a battery drain on both of these but I think when it comes to battery whether you get an iPhone 10 an iPhone 8 plus Pixel2, Pixel2XL they’re all gonna get you through the day but out of all of these the worst here was the smaller Pixel to this one just has a smaller battery doesn’t last quite as long as any of these so definitely if you’re going for the most battery on the Pixel side get the 2 XL if you go for the most battery on this side get the 8 plus it lasts a little bit longer than the 10 .

Now talking about the audio performance all of these phones do have you know stereo speakers on the front so one at the top one at the bottom they’re both they’re all going to sound loud here. you can see it so comes out the front so good audio there now the Pixel 2 XL does fire from the front so if we go to a video here audio is more directional so it comes more out at you but I found the Pixel XL speakers aren’t as loud as the iPhone 10 that’s just my experience yours might differ but I think if you want a better you know sound in terms of loudness and bass I think the clarity is a little bit better in the iPhone so I picked the iPhone here but if you like directional audio you’ll like the pics with 2 XL and 2 more.

Now when it comes to the call quality a lot of people don’t mention this but I have to mention it here because these two phones right here have been disappointing.I don’t know what it is but the Pixel 2 and the Pixel 2XL have disappointed me in the phone call quality they don’t sound quite as loud and I had more people saying that they couldn’t hear me when using these devices so Google needs to step this up on their next phones these two right here on another hand have been fantastic the iPhone 8 plus in the iPhone 10 are great and these iPhones had problem before so apples had years to perfect this area you know the iPhone 4 4 s series were some pretty bad phone call qualities but these over here not too great either on the pixel to excel and picks up to now don’t get me wrong you can make phone calls I just think you’re gonna have people saying I can’t hear you a couple times using a pixel to overhear you’re not gonna have that issue on these devices so this round goes to the iPhone if I want a better phone for a phone I’m picking the iPhone here okay guys so let’s break it down here what are you gonna get here iPhone or pixel here’s my honest feelings if you’re gonna pick a phone for just personal use I think most people be better served for the iPhone but if you want to use it for more workuse and use more like google apps to get work done a lot of services are free on the Pixel series including the Google Photos app that allows you to take photos and upload them in full resolution unlimited storage so I think the pixel to excel is the better value here the Pixel 2 is a pretty good value as well it has thick bezel so I don’t think a lot of people are gonna enjoy this one but this one I here has thick bezels as well this is probably the toughest comparison and I want to call them a tie but I have to give it here to the iPhone the iPhone 10 specifically because it just has you know a little bit more premium feel to it it can run the google apps which don’t run quite as good as the Pixel 2 Series but you got Google Assistant you have all the apple services and you do get updates that are gonna go like five years versus three years so I think at the end of the day it’d be nice to have a Pixel 2 on the side of an iPhone 4 you know getting work purposes done but for an all-around phone when you’re paying 800 to a thousand I think the Pixel 2 just needs to up it a little bit in hardware before I can say it’s better than an iPhone 10 here so I think the Pixel2XL can beat iPhone if they up that hardware quality and make it feel a little bit more premium and they get maybe a dual lens on there because that was nice but when you go telephoto on the Pixel 2 it produces a lot of noise but overall it’s the iPhone 10 still for the win here for me at this current point but that’s only slightly so don’t think that I’m being biased here it’s only only slightly I’m still gonna use these on multiple days occasions over these phones doesn’t mean that I’m totally on the side of I just think as an overall package you get Google Apps and Apple apps here and a little bit better Hardware quality and that’s enough to say it’s slightly better phone in the long term with the updates for five years versus three years over the pixel to and to excel anyway those are my thoughts on Pixel and iPhone

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