Google Now Has Typing Tool Called Google Input Tools.

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Google Now Has Its Own Typing Tool Which Helps In Typing Online Or Offline  In Any Language In The World. Google Has Named It As Google Input Tools. Its Tag Line Is “Your Words, Your Language, Anywhere”

Firstly Let Us See How Google Typing Tool  Works ?.

It uses a mix of IMEs or Google transliteration, virtual keyboards and handwriting and keyboard shortcuts.

How Do I Use Google Typing Tool?

You Have To Visit And Search For Google Input Tools. This Will Open The Webpage Of Input Tools. Click Try It Now. You Just Have To Select The Language In Which You Want The Typing. After That, You Just Have To Type The Content In English. It Gives You Option  7-8 Words For That Words In Your Language. You Just Have To Select That Word And Continue Writing Your Content.

This Tool Is Available For 

1) Chrome As Extension Also.

2) It Also Has An App For Devices Like Android, Tablets  On Google Playstore.

3) It Is Separately Available On Services Like.

 Google Search Google Search

Image Credit: Google.

Now This Is All About Working Online And You Might Be Thinking, Is Google Typing Tool Available Offline ?.

And The Answer Is Yes, You Can Download The Google Typing Or Input Tool From The Following Link google input tools download For Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 10. Via Google Input Tools Offline Installer.

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