Google Honors Zipper Inventer.

[H]ave You Ever Wondered Who Invented The Zipper Which Has Become The Part Of Our Everyday Life? And How Google Honoured The Inventer Making Google Zipper.
Yes The Inventor Of Zipper Was Gideon Sundback Who Patented Zipper In 1917

Google ZIpper

It Is his Second Invention Also Called As Hookless Zipper Or Modern Zipper.
About Sundback Gideon:
Sundback was born on April 24, 1880, in Småland, Sweden. He moved to Germany where he studied at the polytechnic school in Bingen am Rhein . After Finishing His Studies And In 1905 He Emigrated To U.S.
There He Worked As An Engineer In Universal Fastener Company in Hoboken New Jersey, and Sundback perfected the old idea of a fastener based on interlocking teeth. On June 5, 1909, Sundback married Elvira Aronson, daughter of the Swedish born plant manager Peter Aronsson, in Hoboken, New Jersey
The name zipper was created in 1923 by B.F. Goodrich, who used the device on their new boots. Initially, boots and tobacco pouches were the primary use for zippers; it took another twenty years before they caught on in the fashion industry. About the time of World War II the zipper achieved wide acceptance for the flies of trousers and the plackets of skirts and dresses

Google has a very interesting Doodle In Honor Of Sundback – a giant zipper lets you “unzip” the logo and see the search results.
Check The Video To See Google Zipper In Action

Google Zipper
Google Zipper

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