Google Drive For Windows 10.

How To Install Google Drive For Windows 10 Of Desktop Computer.


Welcome To New Topic Of This Site  Where I Will Teach You To Download And  Install Google Drive For Windows 10 On Your Laptop Or Desktop Computer. You Can Also Call It As Installing An App Of Google Drive For PC.

  1. Open Your Google Chrome Browser And Search “Google Drive” In The Google Search Engine.
  2.  In The Next Step Click “Go To Drive”.
  3. My Drive Section Will Open Where In The Right Hand Upper Corner, You Will See A Gear Icon.
  4. Click On Gear Icon Where You Will Get Three Options
  1. Settings.
  2. Get Drive For Desktop.
  3. Keyboard Shortcuts.

     5) Click “Get Drive For Desktop”.

 Where You Will Be Taken To          

The Download Link Of Google Drive For Desktop Site Where You Will Be Able To Download Google Drive For Desktop.

     6) You Can See 2 Options  a) For Individuals b) For Teams

Google Drive For Windows, Google Drive
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     7) Go For Downloading As Per Your Requirements As Here I      Download For Individuals. Click Download. Click Agree & Download.

8) A Setup Of Google Drive Will Be Downloaded In Your Downloads Folder Also Which Is Also Called As Google Drive Exe.

9) Now Double Click The .Exe File And The Installation Of The File Will Be Done.

10) Click Get Started. You Will Be Asked To Enter Email For Login  And Password. Remember The Email Should Be Only Gmail As Other Emails Are Not Accepted.

Google Drive For Windows.Google Drive
Image Credit: Google

11) Now You Will Be Asked Which Folders To Sync And Which Folders Not To Sync From Your Computer Into The Drive.

12) Tick Or Untick The Necessary Ones As Per Your Requirement.

13) You Can Also Select To Upload Photos From Computer To Google Photos.

14) After Clicking Next You Need To Select The Folder Where You Want Your Google Drive Folder To Be Located At Your Computer.

15 After Selecting The Necessary Syncing Options You Get The Message Of Installation Complete.

After This A Folder Will Open Just As It Opens While Opening Google Drive In-Browser Showing All The Files And Folders In Google Drive.

16) Now If You Select The Files Or Folders Those Files Or Folders Will Be Uploaded On The Google Drive Cloud. And You Can Access Them From Different Computers.

What Are Benefits Of Using Google Drive On Windows 10 PC?

  1. There Is No Need To Open The Browser, Again And Again, It’s Useful To Have It On Your Windows Or Mac As It Saves Lots Of Time.
  2. You Can Access The Files Of One Computer From Different Computers.
  3. This Google Drive App Also Works With Windows 7.

So In This Article, We Have Answered Four Most Asked Questions Regarding Google Drive.

  1. How do I install Google Drive on my PC?
  2. Is there a Google Drive app for Windows?
  3. How do I use Google Drive on Windows 10?
  4. Is Google Drive available on PC?

Hope You Liked The Information And Found It Helpful. Also, Don’t Forget To Check Out Our Next Article On Google Drive For Android.

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