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Know More About Spaces Or Google Spaces:

[S]paces Or Google Spaces.(A tool  used for small group sharing).Launched on May 16,2016 Spaces Or Google Spaces was an application that was developed by Google LLC( an American multinational technology company that specializes in Internet-related services and products, which include online advertising technologiessearch enginecloud computing, software, and hardware. It is considered one of the Big Four technology companies, alongside AmazonApple and Facebook.). Aandroid versions that were required were Android devices running Android 4.1 or higher.

Google Spaces or Spaces was available for download on Android,Mac,Windows along with iOS operating systems.

The app was available on Google Play, App Store(apple),App for Windows and MacOS for download on May 17 ,2016

The main intention of Google to develop the app was to compete with “Slack”[ an American cloud-based company  founded by Stewart Butterfield].

In Google Spaces there was a special sharing platform for their users also called as “space”, where they could invite friends and family members for sharing images, videos, text messages, media and discussions.

Main Features: Spaces allowed messaging between users,group chatting.

Spaces Or google Spaces

Other  Famous Google Features and services such as browser chrome, search engine Google Search itself along with Video search and sharing platform “Youtube” were built into the app to allow users to get quality content source for sharing and use.They could easily use these services without leaving the app.

Spaces Or Google Spaces

How It Was Done: Users had to initiate conversations by creating a “space” and then they had to invite friends for joing them.Inside Space there was a box like structure at the bottom of screen where one could push buttons for posting links and images along with other content in the chat room.

Also a conversational view was available  so that users could see what the group was talking about.

Googe Spaces Or Spaces

Types of posts that a user could share in his/her “space” were

1)Text:Plain text,without formatting support.

2)Photos:With support for posting multiple image uploads,users were able to directly post through camera using Google Photos.

3)Links:URL’s of media which are automatically embedded.

4)Videos:You tube videos that were integrated for mobile users,however desktop users can search directly through database of Youtube and see recently added videos.

Only a gmail account was required  for the sign up.

Spaces Or Google Spaces

Brief History:

Product Director Of Google Spaces  Luke Wroblewsk on May 16,2016 announced the launch of Spaces.

On Feb 16,2017 Google released the Google Space app’s final version.on Android,

On March 3,,2017.  Google announced that Spaces will be discontinued on April 17 2017.

Finally on April 17,2017 Google Spaces was discontinued and is no longer available for  download On Google Play,App Store Windows and Mac OS.

Google Spaces was ended on April 17, 2017.[4]